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Our Story

We are family owned and operated, situated about 1.5 miles from downtown Blaine.  Originally started in 2017 by two brothers with a vision of growing colorful, unique, delicious organically grown produce and supplying our community. We started with a small patch of strawberries and have added little by little each year until we have grown into what we are today.

Alex has long since moved on to bigger things, Doug and his family continue to grow exceptional produce. Our original vision still drives us, and we stand by our principles:

- All of our produce is grown using organic methods, without the use of chemicals, pesticides or GMOs.

- We choose produce varieties based on their superior flavor, not on yield potential.

- We grow all shapes, colors and sizes of produce because variety is the spice of life!

- We care about the land we grow on.  By using high intensity growing methods, we limit our footprint.  We use less than half of our 5 acre property, leaving nature with the rest.  We grow in harmony with our returning Great Blue Heron, Red Winged Black Birds, crows, bunnies, snakes, frogs, deer, the occasional roaming coyote and the silent owls hunting in the night.

We love living here in Whatcom County and providing our community with the most delicious fresh produce and farm grown hot sauces!

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