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Support Local Farming

BUY LOCAL! Locally grown produce tastes so much better than produce that has been shipped hundreds of miles! We are able to pick at the height of ripeness!

Unique - No orange carrots here!  Did you know that carrots also come in purple, yellow, red and white?  Many vegetables come in colors that you don't normally see at the grocery store.  We love growing a variety of colors - it's fun to see purple beans instead of green.  And what could be more unique than a large slice of a sweet white heirloom tomato on your burger?

All of our produce is grown using organic methods, without the use of chemicals, pesticides or GMOs. All of our varieties have been chosen for their superior flavor, not for yield potential.

We focus on providing delicious, organically grown produce to our local chefs and their restaurants, as well as our community. Check out our roadside farm stand, we love growing for our friends and neighbors!

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